Collaborative Focused Research Project
FP7-SSH-2007 Grant Agreement No.: 217431

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Last update: February 2010
Work package 1   Development of conceptual models


To review secondary data as well as to collect and analyze qualitative data relevant to the project aim in order to prepare conceptual models for the analysis of each of the project objectives.

Description of work

Task 1.1 Identification of criteria and current policy mechanisms.

Task 1.2 Review on informal patient payments and their analysis.

Task 1.3 Development of a theoretical model of demand under patient payment.

Task 1.4 Development of a conceptual model of the policy projection tool.

Task 1.5 Focused group discussions and interviews.

Task 1.6 Development of the projection tool.

Assessment of patient payment policies and projection of their efficiency, equity and quality effects:
The case of Central and Eastern Europe
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